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I really don’t know why. Jan Kuehnemund was an amazing guitarist and great person. She was only 51 years old. She played concerts not long ago. And what now? Now she’s dead? How the hell is it possible? I still can’t believe in it, really. Let’s destroy cancer. Together.

We miss you and we miss Vixen with you - the only true Vixen’s guitarist.

Thank you for all, Jan.

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I’m very sad to announce this but on October 10th the founding member of Vixen, guitarist Jan Kuehnemund has passed away at age 51 due to cancer. If you want to know more information then just go over to the vixen Facebook page/website or JSRG Facebook page to see what everyone has said. R.I.P. miss Jan

Hey guys, sorry I’ve not been posting anything for a while. I’ve been really sick and in-and-out the doctors for weeks. I’m in the midst of another 2 week medication treatment so maybe if that works out I’ll be able to have more posts going. Hope everyone understands.


My beautiful <3 

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Vixen February 1989 Kerrang Interview (Last Page)

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